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Asalamoalikum everyone ❤ its your very own Amina Ahsan Butt who is back with another blog and some good news , alhumdullilah I am a collage girl now and along with that I have decided to take my website a serious place for me and maybe I will be monetizing it soon , so these are some few project for the feature . now lets talk about our topic 🙂


Nangparbat is a mountain which is located in the Diamir district of Gilgit Baltistan and is 27 km to the southwest of Astor and lies to the south of river indus and anchors the westren himalayas . It has an altitude of 8,127 m ( 26,663 ft ) which makes it the 9th highest mountain in the world and the most highest in its own range ( himalayas ) .It has a wide isolation of nearly 200 km .Nangaparbat is not a single mountainbut is a combination of a few rigides covered in ice it is the part of Tibetan plateau ( a wide altituded plateau in central asia ) . Nangaparbat is one of the most hard mountains for climbing and this is the reason why many people die while summiting it . Nangaparbat ranks 2nd in the list of the the most prominent peaks in the world .


As the events of history says , Nangaparbat was first dicovered by the Schlagintweit brothers from germany . they came to himalayas back in 1854 and this is how the first view of nangaparbat was drawn .


This magnificent mountain got many names and they are

  • nangaparbat :- its drived from a sanskariti word Nanga Parvata which means naked mountain and it is it’s original name . it has this name because it dosent contains any sort of vegetation on its slops .
  • diamer :- this word is drived from shina language which means king of mountains or huge mountain or mountain of god . it is also known as deomir or dyamir . and all these name got a relation with a mythcal cosmology .
  • killer mountain :- back in 1934 during the summit of the mountain all of the 10 members of the team died , which is known as the biggest incedant in the mountaineering history , thus it was called the killer mountain , not only this but this mountain has  always been associated with tragedies and tribulations . even one of the Schlagintweit brothers died in Kashgir after the discovery


The beautiful mountain of nangaparbat can be seen from many locations including fairy meadows , trishing and even the KKH sometimes .The core of Nanga Parbat is a long ridge trending southwest to northeast .The mountain of nanaga parbat is quite huge that it has many horns , cols , aretes , and major cirque ans other land forms .

but the major points are

  1. main peak ( the higest one )
  2. north peak
  3. raikot peak
  4. manzo wall
  5. east peak
  6. southeast peak
  7. ganalo peak
  8. south peak ( chongra )

it also has a 2 cols one from the north face and other from the back of north face

it has a silver saddle from the raikot side and a silver plateau from the trishing side

It also has along glacier , raikot glacier from fairy medows side

and lastly it also creates a beautiful lake called latbo lake near the basecamp of rupal face . you might also see a lake at fairy medows but it is not really created naturally by the melted water of raikot glacier


Before than 1953 nearly 20 climbs were done on this mountain but all of them returned without summiting it and a large number of people died . but on the 3rd july 1953 hermanm buhl turned the tables and reached at the top of the mighty killer mountain and made the history . he only not made it till the top without oxygen but also made the record for the solo climb .

hermann hubl

after him many other climbers such as Toni kinsofer , gunther , renihold missner ,Ivan Fiala , Michael Orolin , maurice , and more then 30 other people climbed it

It is also noted that the first women to climb the killer mountain was Lilian she did it along with her husband .

 liliane barrard

The first Pakistani to climb nangaparbat was ( Colonel ) sher khan .and the first Pakistani to climb it in winters is Ali Sadpara and he is also one of the first people to climb it in winters .


Ali sadpara


Nanagapart is very close to me tho , I meet this beautiful mountain every year and litteary U cant rid of its beautiful view . here is a throwback when i met the killer mountain for the first time

cute right? 😛

my words might not give you a full feel of how it feels to see the mighty peak or how it feels to be a climber to climbs up it all but a song called BROTHERS ON DAMIR by EDENBRIDGE can give you the feels . more over a book called Tigers of snow tells all about thekiller mountains .and you can even see a move called The Climb showcast it all ❤

thank you for reading it ❤


email :- buttahsan007@gmail. com

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  1. Mashallah and quite informative although after a long time and your blogs require long time to read them too😂 because the lakes, areas around etc you discuss are intriguing so i search them alongside ( i am an old reader of your blogs tho i never commented) thank you girl and keep it up


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