[Blog14]:- Mountains and I

Introduction :-

Aslamoalikum everyone its me Amina Ahsaan the 16 years old mountainous blog writter who is a Muslim and a Pakistani . Along with blogging i am a 10th grade student who is so much into history , archeology, mining , metrology and astrology . Actually who loves the world and informations about it . So the motive of writing this blog is to tell about me and Mountains relationship and i think I should actually share my story so there you go ❤️


انتہاِ محبت میں ڈوب کے دیکھا تو معلوم ہوا

یہ پہاڑ ،یہ دریا،یہ وادیاں،میرے لیے ہی تو ہیں۔

(آمنہ احسان)

For all these years i have been hearing , why are you such a mountain human , you nuts??

Let me just tell you my fairytale *THE MOUNTAINTA*

As far as I remember i have been a traveler for about all of my life . From about 2002-2006 I have been into the lower hamiliya ranges and i had breath with in the mountains that i guess from that very moment it has been in my HB 😂 . My parents were also a mountainta like me so yeah i somehow inherited it , my father was a trekker and traveller already and my amma was a girl guide so yeah how can i not love mountains ? 😅

. My first and major tour was back in 2007 when i was about to be 5 years oldo but before then this i did had much knowledge of the northern areas specially after the2005 earthquake. I wanted to see balakot tho . In my 2007 ‘s tour covered the major northern areas till Babusar in the age of 5 and and i dont know how but the memories are still there in my mind . But the most important part of this tour was my very first track of a 4,250 m lake which included the basecamp of Malika Parbat 5,000+ m . The most difficult prt of this trek was neither the walk nor the climbs but the scary stories of Malika Parbat because they told me that people who goes up to mountain dies 😭 but it has been just a myth . The way for the trek was absolutely beautiful untill the rain started to fall and we were without sufficient gear so it created a mess . Tho the five years oldo me fainted on its way back near the basecamp but i made it somehow 🤩 and on my way back to naran i went through the other side which was all medows so it was a lovely memory and its always in my mind

But when i came back to lahore i was so proud of myself and literally the whole LPS got to know that i did a trek 😂

This was the first ever time i was so close to mountains but you know how can a toddler realise that whats her’s burning desire .

The years passes by i keep on exploring these areas and again and again . Untill i had my second big tour which was a major one as it was actually a whole month touring

Back in 2011 we decided to visit a few of the areas of the baltistan . And it was the first time i was on KKH and daymnnnn i love this road . This was the first time we went on diwoo 🤭 dont ask . I still remember that how painful the nearly 2 days drive from Islamabad till riakot bridge was 🤦🏻‍♀️ . In this tour fairy medows was on our list and I remember the road from raikot till tatto was so scary that my beloved amma’s bissmillah’s can be still heard on that road 😅. When the road ends my favourite part comes I remember it was a four hour trek till the fairy medows and i met nangaparbat for the first time and honestly the 4 hours pays off really well . The memories are still fresh in my mind . The bone fire under the countless stars , the satellites could be clearly seen from there , but the sounds of avalanches on nanagaparbat 😍 i can still hear those . I still remember the trek upto biayal camp and watching the killer mountain even more clearly 😍

I remember comming back ok kkh and visit astore valley and seeing the one or the best moments of my life . Nangaparbat on a full moon day 😍. Enjoying the civilisation trisshing valley . I remember going to rama rake too . And that PTDC hotel rama is still among my favourite hotels ❤️

I remember visiting the Yaseen valley and the areas around it , I remember going to the toumb of Havaldar LaLak Jan and all the areas in its surrounding

I remember going to the Chitral valley and seeing the kalasha people of bamburat and bambureet and exploring their culture . Their history and connection with Alexander amazes me the most .

I remember watching the polo match the same year in shandoor . I remember staying in Laspur village I remember each and every moment of this tour and I really remember that i have been a lucky person who has traveled on the Loary pass all those turns . Tho we have a tunnel now but bro I gotta be telling you that road itself was a legend

I remember finishing this tour and telling the tales the stories of the areas to my friends, family unknows

I remember saving money for my everest tour 🤣 because i wanted to actually climb it 😂 . I have traveled far wide in the Sawat area till mohodan , the whole kashmir area , after completing these areas of Himaliya and Hindukush it was the time for my favourite Karakoram

So from exactly 2015-2019 we have been traveling in the karakoram

Which includes two tours of Baltistan and two tours of Gilgit

The tour in 2015 was of sakardu in which i had visited all the major places like sakardu , shigar , khapu , hushe

And in the left over places ie manthoka , the siachine road ( till gayari sector) , deosia , kachura and all the other palces . All i left was Askole ( will be going in the future i have a bad eye on all the peaks which can be seen from concodia ) 😂

If i come to write on the beauty of Sakrdu it would take me ages to discribe it all . This land has it all , from highest mountains to cold deserts to biggest glaciers to large rives to big think plantation land . Sakardu has a seprate fanbase

This land is actually the peice from heaven or maybe its the heaven itself

Now coming to the Gilgit area , i feel likes its my own home . With in these two years of travel i had made many friends from up there and have learned many languages and history and had the most important visited almost the whole area . I totally feel like i know gilgit like i know about my hometown lahore .

I dont know why i love these areas from up in the mountains

Maybe its peoples , maybe its the tails and myths , maybe its their history , maybe its the forts , maybe its the snow covered mountains , maybe its the sulphur rocks , maybe its the beautiful lakes like atabad , to naltar to sadpara to rainbow or maybe its the little pound filled with trout fish .

What ever it is but i feel like my heart was divided into infinite peice and now those peices are the are the particals of the nature ( tho a major part is in the name of 38-61 😂) . All these years of traveling is the reason why mountains . Why do i wait the whole year to just go to the mountains , what peruses is the answer why mountains

These mountains dont only give me peace , joy but also give me the sense *لَآ اِلٰهَ اِلَّااللهُ مُحَمَّدٌ رَّسُولُ اللہِ*

It connects me to my Lord , it shows me how my lord painted this world, how he created every single thing

Maybe We all find the way to our Almighty through some sources

My source was mountains and a few nice people

This is the answer that why mountains

And i am a very proud domestic traveler and blogger ❤️

Thanking note

First of all ; all credits for what i am goes to Allah almighty, my creator; the one who create the all universe the one who gave me the opportunity to be on this planet and the one who blessed me with such a beautiful country and the one who gave my this ability to write all these blogs  .I cant never  thank him enough

And of course my parents my O3 ♥ who introduced these mountains to me and-made me in love with them . and the one who took me on the trip 😛

And thank you to every single person who has been motivating me ❤️

Instagram:- @mountainofpakistan

5 thoughts on “[Blog14]:- Mountains and I

  1. I was looking forward for your new blog Mashallah you are legend miss Amina no one can replace you thank u soo much for such a lit blog


  2. Long live Mountainta 👏👏
    Very well, you perfectly described our relationship with nature, we have forgotten who we really are,
    Thanks for reconnecting us to this beautiful nature 💖
    May God fullfil all your wishes.
    Stay blessed 🙏


  3. Very good.great job you are serving pakistan in real means you are awaring us of nature you have not only words but also have sense to use them and express yourself you are a best paradigm for children to indulge into reading and writing best of luck and keep it up

    Liked by 1 person

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