[Blog13] :- TOUR DE 2019 ( CHAPTER II OF SAKARDU ) *EP3*

Aslamoalikum everyone .Its me Amina Ahsan Butt your lazy but the Good little blogger . I hope everyone is doing fine . I am back with an other episode of my blog so yeah!!!!! Are you ready for an adventure because today i will be discussing a place which is not frequent visited by many of the travelers so lets go for the advanture .


so i was born in 2002 as far as i can remember i have been visiting the northern areas since 2007 . Each year I along with my family go for the exploration of the beautiful lands of the north of Pakistan . So for the year of 2019 we decided to go the beautiful Baltistan . Before then this i had visited baltisan back in 2016 as well . But the land of baltisan is far too wide so it was hard to cover all areas back then . But the land of baltistan is far too beautiful so we decide to go for it again and to explore the rest of the parts


It was a very lovely morning in khaplu . You know what in this royal land the mornings are royal too . It was a fress day after a night of rainfall . The sand smelled pure . The mountains were neat and clean . The rays of sunshine were slowly filling the sky And were poppin out of the clouds. It was all too smooth 😍

Did the breakfast, cereals and chai ( cant survive without that) . Did a good bye to the PTDC sakardu ( ps they gave us discounts because the loved us and loved how we visited khaplu again ) 😍

Scenes in the way

After putting the luggage in the car . We changed out directions towards siachien road 😎 . Thanks to Map Me .com and google for the reliable maps . Without these apps traveling to these areas wouldn’t be easy .

after getting out of the hotel we already started to adore the road and the views. I was a little bit cloudy that day . The sky was filled with little flurries . While traveling on the siachien road we had The bridge towards hushe (last village) . let me give you a glimpses of it from my old tour ( chapter I of sakardu ) ( i will write on it one day InshaAllah)

The best thing about me is that i do have memories along with me just like this video but i cant post stuff like these on my blog site as it requires much storage 😭 . I will be making an insta account for all fun stuff like these plus i will be making 2020 even more exited and fun ♥️

After a few km of distance we reached our first check-post and i was wiating there for Captain kashif kirmani to comeout of nowhere 😂 ( alpha bravo charlie joke ) 😂😂

Captain kashif kamrani didn’t came out but a few gentlemen soldiers were there to mess around civilians 😂 jokes a part the soldiers of pakistan army are very very corporative and friendly . They are truly there to serve the nation and I as a citizen truly respect them alot

After signing all the information we carried along our path and saw the glimpse of Masherbrum what a hottie this peak is 😩😍

Shout out to the photographer of this picture it truly is one of the best capturing
I saw it on houzz.com so check it out there

After a while it started raining again and we reached the bridge for siachien road and a beautiful village called shyok village as its on the shyok river ps love this river tho 😍 and if we continue to the other side of the road ( not for kayri sector ) we would reach Fraono and then Kashmir mybe the laddakh area and then following the route we can reach India too ( ps Pray for Kashmir and Rise your voice for Kashmir )

At the shyok valley we stopped at the Siachien market and took snacks . We continued the traveling and reached A point where khplu road changed its name and became Saltoro village road ( ps many famous names of pakistan belongs to Saltoro village ; our nation have heroes from all around Alhumdullilah)

After continuing on the road we saw many places and hospitable people i was so glad to see that how were one was educated there how everything was so aware of the world mostly how everyone knew about the peace and love and humanity and yet this nation is called terrorising nation and people have islamophobia . I invited ever person who is against islam and pakistan to visit and be with us . I am very sure how that person will return back with so much positive and love for our belived religion and country

After a journey of miles we reached another checkpoint at damsum where we had friendly soldiers who were performing their duty well and the people there were very nice although they didn’t knew our language or anything but the language of humanity was everything. The damsum area was quite backward as compare to the areas we had before and as we continued with the road the the settlements of human were getting reduced while on the other hand our information of arrive were forward to the next check point so that if we faced any problem which delay our arrival the army would come out in search of ours . It was the first time in many years ( maybe 62) that Kariy sector was opened for visitors . When we reach the check point at Gagulu they again asked out for our informations and they were performing their duty well . I totally adore this that how good protocol and security they were providing to the visitors because this area wasnt well developed for visitors but only for the Army who use to travel for the protection of the boarders in the Far north . At this moment i saw a quote on barrier it said

“This is the rough road which is leading to the heights of greatness”

Indeed this is so true

We continued the traveling and reached Gulgulu and scene kuch asa tha 😂

After continuing for a while we reached Goma .The area of Goma was army garrison so I won’t be discussing about it and i wont be sharing any pictures of it as that area belongs to army and i dont have any permission of sharing the pictures and as a true and honest traveler i dont really like going against the limits

The soldiers there were also very welcome and the goma sector was very beautiful indeed.

The road started to get real rough and as we were traveling on Vits aka Ghori sahib ( our car) 😂 the road was quite rough for it that at one point it stoped and said don’t make me to make one more move . Our destination was just a mile a head but due to the bad weather we cant go on foot either so we had to say a good bye 😭 but let me tell about Gayari sector

At Gayari sector there is a place called Yadgar-e-sohuda . Back in On 7 April 2012, an avalanche hit a Pakistani military base in Gayari Sector, near the Siachen region, trapping 140 soldiers and civilian contractors under deep snow. Around 130 soldiers and 11 civilians got sahadat at this point and this place was made in the name of their memories . This was the biggest avalanche attack over any military base .

While on our way back to khaplu we met all of the soldiers who helped with the direction and for all of the protocol . Tho i was waiting for Kashif , Gulsher and Fraz to pop out but 😂😂😂 desires will be desires

When we reached khaplu it was a must to do thing to visit the fort so we visited the fort 😍 and this time i again had the Shah khurba and Biyagno Fasnjoon ( yummmm)

A dish made of natural herbs and apricot sauce and chicken cooked in walnut oil

After taking some pictures we changed our route towards sakardu . It was totally safe to travel in these areas in the night but the thunderstorm and lightning made it a bit scary ( ps the bissmilahs of my amma can be still heard 😂 sorry for the gustaki ) we reached sakardu around 12 after loading off our luggage we went for shoping because shops were opened . Its a legacy of ours to take traditional gifts or dry fruits of one area for our near and beloved ones. This was the first time shopped for my give away and I totally loved doing it shout out to the winner Mahroos appi I totally adore her 😍 and this was the give away gift which i got from Ali handicraft so if you ever visited sakrdu do look at for this place because i truly trust this place

And I remember that after receiving this traditional shwal I received a beautiful thanking note from her and i am sure she is slaying this shawl this winter ♥️

So this was how the day was end .


I decided to make this Gayari sector part of my tour as a separate blog because this is one of the areas which shows different parts of beauty of nature but yet it is not in the attention of the people as a true nature lover and traveler i need to spread out the information about these areas which are not much discussed. And who dont love Siachen . We hold a very rich history over this area and due to the brave soldiers we have the highest point of Siachien with Pakistan Alhumdullilah. May allah bless our country with more progress ♥️

Allah hafiz ♥️

Instagram:- @mountainofpakistan

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  1. Miss amina sorry for reading this blog too late i am not such a perfect person to appriciate you but i am doing so far what i can just a single blog of you is i guess not less than a book of 200 pages you are rendering commendable services for pakistan and i am sure that i would be indulge soon in northern areas of pakistan if i keep on reading your blogs thank you so much and again sorry for being too late may you live long to write blogs for us


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