[Blog 12] :- TOUR DE 2019 (CHAPTER II OF SAKARDU) *EP2*

Aslamoalikum everyone .Its me Amina Ahsan Butt your lazy but the Good little blogger . Let me say sorry again for being late but I will make sure i will finish all the episodes of ChapterII of sakardu with in 2 months inshallah so fasten your seatbelts we are taking off for the 2nd Episode ♥️


so i was born in 2002 as far as i can remember i have been visiting the northern areas since 2007 . Each year I along with my family go for the exploration of the beautiful lands of the north of Pakistan . So for the year of 2019 we decided to go the beautiful Baltistan . Before then this i had visited baltisan back in 2016 as well . But the land of baltisan is far too wide so it was hard to cover all areas back then . But the land of baltistan is far too beautiful so we decide to go for it again and to explore the rest of the parts

DAY4 :-


After the tired hectic travel from Lahore till Sakardu we were finally on our exploring Baltistan days .So our first exploration hunt was of Deosai

In traveling the most important element is time management and getting up early on time , without both of these your tour can turn into disaster so , you have to take alot of care about this thingy

We got up early at 8 o’clock . Did packing and breakfast and then booked a 4*4 as the roads of deosai are not made for any normal car 😅

The way up to the top was mesmerising, like having sadpara lake in your way isn’t a normal thingy

Sadpara lake

Appreciate me later for this good click (hehehe) After a bit of driving at the first checkpost for deosia , The policeman standing there gave each and every person who was going for deosai a bag on which it was written that keep the nature clean and put all of your litter in the bag and throw it away in the dust bins later on . This step taken by the Deosia national park members is worth appreciating ♥️ This really proves that pakistan is trying its best to make the world a clean and better place for us and every other living thing

After the travel of 2 hours we reached the deaosai plains 😍 the beauty of deaosia cant really be describe; it is only meant to be felt . The sky was clear the wind was slow the water was singing the nature was at its beauty. That moment was totally worth it , wanna see ?

Ali malik , deosai

And the best part was the scenes at bara pani ♥️, that cool blue flow of water just took the beauty of deosai to a next level . After an hour of walking around the plains we saw foot steps of fox which were totally *aww* 😅

Tips for the people who go to deosai take jackets with you and some fooder + water with you because its very essential, and for the bikers 😂 take alot of care of yourself 👏


After all these beautiful memories on deosai we went back to sakrdu and on our way we saw the descon dams and the Hassan sadpara chok which has the statue of our beloved (RIP ) Hassan sadpara who is indeed the pride of our nation ♥️

We went through the bazar and then while using the link road of Sakardu we reached the lower Kachura ( shingrila ) after 2 hours drive from the Hassan Sadpara chok

So we had already stayed in shingrila back in 2013 so we skipped the lower kachura lake and went for upper kachura lake , Thanks to the Vlogs of mooroo for giving me a sense about the Sakardu’s areas ♥️ btw people do check out his YouTube account and give him a subscribe


After a few minutes from Lower Kachura we reached the parking area of Uper Kachura , as it was a holiday for the local people so they location was a bit crowded anyway , everyone in my family was quite hungry so we stop by a local setup restaurant which was making Chicken karahi and we couldn’t resist 🥳 so we had the karahi and trust me this abrupt stopping at a stall was totally worth it and I would 100% suggest you to eat from this place when ever you are at Kachura lake

We stayed in there for an hour and had the local kawa which was yummylicious 🤤 want the recipe ? It was made of the local lemon grass, organic rose water , fresh and natural water from the glaciers and no sugar was added in it but still it was the best drink ever , which enhanced the charm of the nature at Upper Kachura along with all this nature thingy we also had the updates of the ICC World Cup match of Pakistan

After the enery boost up we walked till the upper Kachura lake and the pathway was so beautiful, it was like a mud path way better feilds of lemongrass and the sunshine over them made it look like the grass was made of gold 😍 , it literally was a very lit scene , after climbing down nearly 60 big stair steps the heart rate got a bit upset but after looking at the final destination ( Uper Kachura lake ) everything went right

After the rest we went back to our hotel where our car was parked and we got set up for the drive to Shigar . It was nearly night time . After praying the Magrib prayer we started for our next destination

SAKARDU to SHIGER ( 55km ) :-

Night carpooling is one of the best things that you can have , but night carpooling in the mountains specially in some bright moonlight night is a next level guyssss ♥️

It was literally the best experience ever to drive from Sakardu to shiger at night and listening to low beat beautiful lyrical songs ♥️and plus amma’s generation’s stories ♥️ . It really was a fun moment and the road was swift and clean which added perks to the whole travel

After 1.5 hour we reached the bridge to shigar and when we get on the main road of shigar 😍 the road between the cold desert uhhhh it was totally like a night in paradise scene

I would really recommend the night drive till shigar from sakardu . And these areas are very safe this is another good reason about traveling up in the north and the local people are really someone you can count on , they will really help you out in everything

So after the drive of 3 hours we reached our hotel (Space hotel) which was quite nice and i gotta be really recommending you it ♥️

After the hectic day we had our dinner and watched a movie which was quite lame 😂 and had coffee along with that and right at 12 am we said goodbye to our day 4

DAY 5:-

Exploring shigar:-

So we had a early wake up right at 7 am . And got free till 8 after getting ready and doing breakfast. The morning in shigar was very beautiful indeed .

As we have to ride in the desert so we booked a 4*4 and went for the shigar cold desert . Before I talk about this beautiful feature of land you have to look at it

Hmm i know i am photobombing 😭i made a video of the whole desert scene which I cannot post in here and my phone died out after the video so i have no other picture to post 😅 sorry guysss

Anyway this desert was something like I haven’t seen before, there were plantation in here there were snow covered mountain in here , there was a vast desert and sand dunes in here and there was a river in here as well . This place was actually the mixture of all the scene of bliss in one . Indeed Allah Almighty is the best creator ♥️

And the thing about weather it was litified ♥️ . I designed my dress according to the weather and I totally slayed at this point 😂

After the enjoy in Sarfanga Desert aka shigar cold desert we went to the organic garden of Skardu was was nearly 5 km away

Because these two were the only things we left in our 2016 tour but the other places to be visit are the shigar fort and the historical hm mosque and the local streets of shigar

The shigar organic garden was full with amazing cheries ( ps i ate alot of it ) and it was full wish beautiful flower and maple tress and many organic fruits

The organic garden is really a must to visit place along with this the way to this garden is also beautiful

Btw if we just go stright on towards the north of the shigar road then we have Askole in our way ♥️

InshaAllah will be writing a blog on askole and ABC and concodia after I visit them ♥️


Lately manthoka has been a famous place to be visited in Baltistan so i added this place in our tour

For manthoka we use the shigar-khaplu road but we went straight on the road while khaplu was on the left

At this time the clouds were out and it started raining and the way wad of 50km so i went to sleep 😅

Hat happened in between god knows 😂 , it was actually a surprise thing because i dont really sleep while traveling

Anyways i woke up near a place called Ghasing which was like 2 km away from Madhupur where Manthoka is situated .

After a few mins we reached manthoka and it was magnificent like it was really the biggest waterfall i have ever scene .It was really enormous 😍

Manthoka waterfall

Right at 4 pm we left for khaplu and I was so excited to be at khalpu as it is the most favourite place of mine in Baltistan. I dont know why i feel connective with this place . Khplu really makes me feel royal tho ♥️


After having the sight of this beautiful waterfall we had our lunch and it was yummy chiken kharae by my ammma ♥️ . Seriously my amma makes the best food ♥️♥️

Anyways the drive was fun and the road was smooth ♥️ lets apriciate FWO workers and local people for that ♥️

We reached at 8 pm in PTDC khaplu and all of my old memories got refined. i love this place alot thooo

The staff which control the PTDC khalpu always makes it feel like home ♥️ after a bit of a rest and chitchat with the People there we had our BBQ party with the hotel members and along with that we took out some of the information for out next day’s destination . I love how they all helped us out with the locations . khaplu is not only a land with rich history and beautiful views but its also a land of the nicest people ♥️

After all of the fun my all of my family members went to sleep but I went for the gazing of the veiw

It was cold and it was raining at the night time but the moon was bright and clear . The breez flowing made the moment cold and i had a chat with the mountains ♥️ and had one of my thoughtful memories and with this i said goodbye to the day 5 ♥️

Thank you for reading it ♥️

Allah hafiz ♥️

Instagram:- @mountainofpakistan

Email:- buttahsan007@outlook.com


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