There has been a problem that has been poking me these day .. hmm actually not only these day but from that time ever since I opened my eyes. As being a human I do hold the * independency of speech * tho i am not old enough to talk on this matter but i am old enough to give out an opinion

I will be talking about the Kashmir Issue today . As i have a Kashmiri background so this issue really do matters for me ,and if i wasn’t a Kashmiri this issue would have still matter to me because i am a Muslim and my religion has taught me many things including HUMANITY


Lets first talk about how does this issue created , i will be representing this issue by putting all 3 perspectives (perspective of Pakistan , India , Kashmir)

To get till the roots of the Kashmir issue all we have to acknowledge is that before the independence of both the countries ( Pakistan and India ) the Subcontinent was just a piece of land which had the settlements of many nations It was never the home to any nation . All the nations were different from each other and to follow their Interests ; division of subcontinent was a must to do thing specially for the two major and entirely different nations The Muslims and The Hindus . The seperation did happened after alot and alot of hard work and resolutions , acts , missions and blood shedding ( unfortunately )

The division was done on the basis of religions . The Muslims majority areas were to be the parts  of Pakistan and the Hindus majority areas were to be the part of India . well Mr Red Cliff the chairman of boundary commision  did some unjust divisions and because of it many people are suffering and some act on those communities should also be taken out as for the safety of minorities .

A plebiscite was taken out in few areas . where as for the princely states it was given the right to the heads of the states to decide their futures this was stated in the  Independence Act, 1946 passed by the Attlee government . there were in total 635 princely states . Some of them came under Pakistan and some went for India .

Making Pakistan an independent state was already a bit deal tho , so it was a no chance for the princely states to appear independently .Kashmir’s ruler Maharajah Hari Singh had no firm decision for the future with Pakistan or India .He wanted the Kashmir to be a independent country . He signed a “standstill” agreement with both countries asking for time to decide. He thought in this time he could easily make everyone agree on this point . he then stared spreading the idea of Kashmir as an independent state . The Raja was a Hindu where as the majority of the civilians of Kashmir were Muslims . Due to this reason it seemed clear that the Head of kashmir join india and all the muslim majority of Kashmir will be suffering alot as it is doing till date

The very first fight in Kashmir was held in September 1947 . as Pakistan was a very newly made country so it had very less resources including army . So the Pathan tribal were sent to Kashmir for the protection of the Muslims living there . This act from Pakistan wasn’t a sign of war or attack it was just for the security but somehow till date according to history of India ; Pakistan has been declared as the attacker on Kashmir . On the other hand the Indian army attacked at the pathan tribal and war scene occurred in Kashmir muslims started Jahad but due to less resources the Kashmiri got the 1/3 of their valley free .

the legacy of blood shedding continued and then this issue was taken to United Nation . The UN directed for ceasefire and the ceasefire came into effact on 1st January 1949 and the United Nation passed an decision that there will be a referendum held in Kashmir .

from years and years Kashmir which is known as the heaven on Earth has been turned into Hell . this peace of land has been suffering , whether its fude over religionistic fights or over water resources , or a fude to let down the one of the three nations in which kashmir lies or the fude of artical 370.

Kashmir was a piece of land where the Natives used to live in their happy kingdom but the negative nature of human kind , the urge of crushing down people to be at the top , selfishness destroyed Kashmir . Not only Kashmir but all of the Nations in the world which are suffering . Which cant not live freely according to their ways . This world and even this life is a chance for us all and we should life it independently according to our wills but a more then 1BILLION of the people are suffering whether they are as a nation or as individuals


For a long time it has been always said that Kashmir will be the part of India , Pakistan or China or some said it will be getting a separate identity but the People to whom Kashmir is their homeland have never being asked about their future .

the world had made a fast progress in no time and solving issues like these has been much easier then before

kashmir being as a whole to any of the 3 countries is not a solution because its the home to different religions ( islam , hinduism , budhism , Christianity  , Sikhism ) with 2 major religions ( islam 69% and hinduism 27% )

A referendum should be held and and the kashmiries must be given the right to decide their future


As they say the world consist of 2 kinds of people ; they the good one ; they the bad one . For me these issues have been created by the badies now its the responsiblity of the good ones to use all the power they got to mak one’s life heaven . the kashmmirs , the people of palestine , the sudanese and all of the humankind that is suffering deserves to live freely like one of us . Go out use your power and spread your voice so that a real action on this issue takes place



First of all ; all credits for what i am goes to Allah almighty, my creator; the one who create the all universe the one who gave me the opportunity to be on this planet and the one who blessed me with such a beautiful country and the one who gave my this ability to write all these blogs  .I cant never  thank him enough

And of course my parents my O3 ♥ who introduced these mountains to me and-made me in love with them .

thanks to 2Lt.Ali Iftikhar (Aashir ) for having such a good conversation with me on this topic and for making me understand things better

thanks to my Pakistan Studies teacher Mr Awas for helping me out in all of my questions . I am really blessed to have a teacher like you

and thank you for reading it




AMINA Ahsaan



thank you ❤

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