[blog 10] :- Tour de 2019 (Chapter II of Sakardu) *Ep.1*

Asalam-o-alikum everyone its me Amina Ahsan . I am back with another blog but this one is a bit different of them all . I am going to take you on a journey and I hope my words will make you feel like as you were there with me on the tour of 2019 so lets begainnnnn


so i was born in 2002 as far as i can remember i have been visiting the northern areas since 2007 . Each year I along with my family go for the exploration of the beautiful lands of the north of Pakistan . So for the year of 2019 we decided to go the beautiful Baltistan . Before then this i had visited baltisan back in 2016 as well . But the land of baltisan is far too wide so it was hard to cover all areas back then . But the land of baltistan is far too beautiful so we decide to go for it again and to explore the rest of the parts 😉

So in the episode 1 of the blog series of my 2k19’s tour i will be telling you about first 3 days of my tours , so fasten your seatbelts 😛


The journey started on the 6th of June . I guess we left our home at 3:00 am . but before then leaving I got tons of * have a safe journey * wishes from my amigos ( love you chuchu , unicorn , loi , raibox , zee , azka appi ) . before leaving i gave water to my little baby plants in the garden with alot of excitement ( you know how much i love mountains so yeah ) 😛

So after loading up the car with all of the bag we all fasten the seatbelts and recited the DUA OF TRAVELLING . And when we took the road of M2 the sun was all up and the weather was all cool with the bright rays of Sun .

Our first car stop was at Bhera (restplace ) on motorway . The stay was for breakfast . just have a look at my food 😛

HAA , yeah who dont love Prince Biscuit 😛 i know its not a healthy break fast but i got no choice so yeah :p

well beside this whole breakfast thing i was listening to * https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LekqDjknArc * which is my favorite qawali ❤ it takes me far into thinking and Makes me love Allah Almighty even more ❤

while on my way to the Havelian Motorway i saw many beautiful moments from from birds to tress to changement in lands to clouds to scenes it just all amazed me and and without knowing i went to sleep and then go up at manserah ❤ what a beautiful place it is ❤ * special shout out to amma gee ( who use to work at our place ) . She is from masserah tho . I had many memories with her . what a noble lady she is ❤ i hope to meet her soon ❤

anyways back to the tour . We had our lunch in Manserah , ate chiken karahi tho 😛 , at this point we had my my fathers friend’s family with us so we continued with them untill we reach he hotel

btw that family was the sweetest and the little baby girl was my faviee ❤

anyways the road from manserah till besham was so green , like it was trees everywhere and i can smell the real nature sent in there ❤ it was the best

after 3 hours of drive we reached our day 1 destination . the hotel at besham was cool tho 😛 have a look at it

So the total driving hours from lahore to besham were 15 hours . anyways when i entered the lobby of the hotel , the TV was switched on and you know what movie was played on the tv ? It wa THE DARK KNIGHTTTTTTTT ❤ . I Love batman tho plus Joker ❤

the day ended with the dinner which was quite yummy and at the end had my lemonbrass Kawah<3 yummz

this traveling day was quite hectic but i was even more exited as i was already surrounded by mountains ❤

DAY 2 ; BESHAM – GILGIT(350 KM) :-

the day begain at 7 am . everything was perfect until i felt something is wrong with my eye 😛 so my left eye got all red and i felt so blind because of it it kinda ruined my day but the road of KKH saved the day . it was finally that day when we were going to use KKH for the whole day . my love for this road is so indescribable . well the road was not too carpeted so it was a bit more time consuming .

our first stop of the day was at Suman Nalla . just have a look at it ❤

the flow of water in here was soo fast tho and the sound of the screaming water was the best part of it ❤ . so after the lunch we went towards Chillas in the way i saw the damn construction site , i dont really saw any construction yet but the workers were upto something , lets hope for the best . I hope the both of the diomir and bhasha dams will be constructed soon InshaAllah ❤

The road till chillas was a bit broken but the scenes all around were the best ❤

we expected that we would reach chillas around the night time but when we reached there the time was just 3 pm which was quite early so we decided to go for gilgit otherwise we had our bookings in chillas

this is for all of those people who thinks that the roads of besham or chillas are unsafe , people you are total misguided , the army and police and the rangers are always there to keep the check on the areas so yeah the roads are completely safe

anyways from chillas we my favorite part of kkh * you people might call me nuts * but i love the all broken road from babusar exit link road till raikot 😛 i know , i know its all broken and the river Indus’s view is all scary and the the surphur rocks makes it even more horror for some people but i just love the road 😛

anyways while on our way to gilgit we stopped at the view point of Nangaparbat aka killer mountain we spent the whole sunset time in there but the baby killer mountain didnt showed up 😦 but i took a picture in there

the weather was so beautiful in there it was raining and you know the city of gilgit gives you a different vibe tho ❤ . it was all too perfect and i made my perfect memories of the day ❤ .. off to sleep * byez*



btw its a fact whenever we are in gilgit we always stay in this hotel ❤ no matter if its 2011 or 2019 😉

so we left earlier for sakardu but along with that we explored the city of gilgit btw my favorite place in gilgit city are the bazar , and the bridges near airport road 🙂

so from gilgit we came 96 km back till the alam bridge while i was on the sakardu exit road i saw nothing else then broken road and that made me worried . before leaving from lahore i asked few people about the road conditions all i was told was this that the much of the road was constructed only a few parts are broken but when i reached the road the the truth was something else 😛 . while being on the road the amount of taunts i hear from my amma , abba and sisters were more then the numer of kilometers till sakardu :p As i was the one who forced for going to sakardu 😛 and as i was the co-tour- planer khir after a long drive on the road till sakardu we made our first stop at Sassi harmosh ( btw you want to tease my sister momina ? just say sassi haramosh and run 😛 , want to know the reason ? wait for my day 7,8 days’ blog )

well at sassi haramosh i saw a beautiful water fall and i took a picture of it have a look please 🙂

beautiful , isnt it ?

well the drive continued and we made a lunch stop at Astak nala , it was a beautiful tho but i will let you know more about this place in the upcoming blogs 😛

well the road was totally broken but when we reached Tallorando there was a newly constructed road and the people around said its constructed till sakrdu , so finally we all got like THANKS LORD because the off road did made us a little low but you know what that all carpeted road was just a 800m patch 😦 the road got even more worse then before

khir after the 15 hours of drving we reached sakrdu and guess what ? the city’s roads were also being constructed

anyways we reached our hotel at 12:00 am . after a bit of a rest we all realised that altho the roads were being constructed but still it was a fun thing to travel on

when ever you are on exploration you go through different moments but all you are doing is only for the adventure and the quality time you are seeking so these all things should not bother much

when the whole construction thing will be done i can see the Baltistsn side recieving more and more of the tourism . so best of luck for that ❤

btw the road taught me 2 things : – 1) my papa bear is the greatest driver 2) no matter what ever the condition of the road is my sisters can still sleep for a long time in car 😛


SO in our tour we named our car ( vitz ) as ghori sahab 😛 and each time the car bumped its base into the road we all at once use to say * lo gi ghori aya fir * 😛 . thank too ghori shab for being a good car 😉


First of all ; all credits for what i am goes to Allah almighty, my creator; the one who create the all universe the one who gave me the opportunity to be on this planet and the one who blessed me with such a beautiful country and the one who gave my this ability to write all these blogs  .I cant never  thank him enough

And of course my parents my O3 ♥ who introduced these mountains to me and-made me in love with them . and the one who took me on the trip 😛

and thanks to my nana abu who kept on praying for our wellbeing , love you handsome 😛

and thank you people for reading this

the EP2 will be out soon so stay tuned 🙂

amina out…….



btw do follow on instagram for more pictures and videos and blog alerts


Amina Ahsaan



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  1. this blog is nice mama . for the first time i just read this 😂😂 a little bit but this is cute❤ . keep it up mama .

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  2. one would love to read it twice. It’s an attractive and informative blog. keep it up putra


  3. Ma Sha Allah very informative 😍 keep writing and keep up the amazing work. 👍


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