[blog:- 9] Future of The North of Pakistan

Asalam-o-alikum !!! my beloved viewers . Its me your little blogger Amina Ahsan Butt . I know its been a a very long time ever since i wrote something . I was busy in my exams so yeah i had to give break to blogging but now i am back and i will be regular ( i promiseeeee )



The north of Pakistan covers nearly an area of 73,000 km² . the areas which the north covers are areas along with the Pakistan and China’s boarder , the northern boarder of Pakistan and Afghanistan , the south of Kashmir and west of kpk .the northern area of Pakistan consist of 4 main ranges :- the Himalayan mountain range , the Karakoram mountain range , the Hindukush Mountain range , The Sawat and Chitral mountain .

these mountain are not only the source of water for Pakistan but they also highly secure the boarders of Pakistan and they also are the source of many minerals . precious woods are also some of the blessings of the north of Pakistan

The north of Pakistan is not just a piece of land but its a world that consist of different people , traditions , cultures , languages , way of living ,histories , tales , from dry to fully greeny mountains , lakes , passes , glaciers , animals , flowers , birds , insects ,weather ….etc .that can make you fall for the north of the Pakistan .f


the main changes will be happening with :-

  • tourism ( domestic , international )
  • people living in north
  • areas
  • wild life
  • climate
  • forests and plants
  • economy of country
  • sports of mountain


talking about the tourism happening in Pakistan then it is on its peak from the last few years not only the international tourism has increased but also the domestic tourism has increased . due to this the areas have improved alot ,for examples the roads are build up , rest places are made , things to facilitate tourists and local people have been also made .

the things that made the tourism to increase are obviously the beautiful places but other then that the internet has given a rose to tourism , for example the vlogs , blogs , videos of the places , photos of the places , articles , dramas , news have seek people’s attention and have made people to visit all the places .we can say the internet has become a gate way for tourism . more over tourism companies have also increased tourism as they have made it easier to travel .the culture , way of living , tales , stories ,handicrafts , history of these places have also improved tourism. But most of all security of the area has improved tourism more then anything

The tourism has improved many things such as economy and etc .but it has increased the pollution alot which is actually a danger .How ever actions are being taken on this

this is one of the action taken against the pollution . where as other actions are taken too

as for the up coming years the tourism will be increased even more as the north of Pakistan has much to offer . The government of Pakistan is also working in the improvement of tourism .Due to the bad cercumstances and happening with Pakistan or we can say false news about Pakistan had a different image infront of the world . but with the advancement the real Paksitan came in front of the people due to that it made a positive vibe in the world about Paksitan which increased the international tourism . if we compare to the tourism of 2008 to 2018 then the international tourism has increased more then 50% and if we talk about 2028 then it will going future then 80% .and all of this depends much upon publicity and hospitality .As of the domestic tourism back in 2008 it was like 20% of the people of Pakistan use to visit these places but from 2015 to till 2018 it has increased more then 60 % and in the future this lagacy will be carried out . and sooner Pakistan will be listed in the most visited places


As i have mention in my earlier blogs the people in the north of Pakistan are so nice and hospitable .and along with this they are hard working people

the changes that will happen with the people will be that their daily life will be much easier because as the government has planed the will be enjoying more facilities then before more over then that many systems like education system ,working system will be also improved

the bad effacts on the people could be the rising pollution and increment in temprature . but if these both things got improved then the future of the people of north will be going on a good side


A picture from TKC

This imageP can show you well how the areas have been effected if this all continues then sorry to say the areas

dont have good things to come in the future .

i am sorry but i want to be rude at this point why people whyyyy ????? its just so simple , take all of your stuff back in what ever container you bring them you . Is that how you keep your houses ? Think as if these places are your home for god’s sake !!! this places are not meant to be destroy -_- . this is the 21 century everyone all around is so educated but these things are still happening .I think everyone should raise there voice against this and the government should heavily fine people for such acts . or the people should be educate about how to travel ! this is nothing but a shame for us . These places are not trash bin so please stop this habbit

if this whole stuff continued then the north of Pakistan will surly will lose its beauty

but looking for the positivity in the future then the lands which are isolate now they will be well connected lands in the up coming year



I seriously can not control myself from posting the pictures of the animalssss ❤

what a blessing they are . and Pakistan’s north is the home to many animals like snow leopards , black bear , brown bear , wolf, black hare , blue sheep , himaliyan tahr , marcopolo sheep , monkeys , deers etc


north of pakistan is the home to many beautiful birds like patridgechakor , falcons ,hawk, humming bird , crows and many moree

but the future of these wild lifes is in danger due to huntting , climate changing , pollution , shortage of fooder . but if we work on the improvement then we can save these blessings . places like deosiae national park , khunjarab national park take care of the animals in there areas that some how are trying to save these species


The north of Pakistan is also a great source of oxygen for us

the trees like deodar , firs , blue pine , sanobar ,timber oak, walnut , cheshnut are in abundand and many beautiful unnamed flowers and named flowers are also found in here

the future of the plants in north is safe some how because the government is working real hard on plantation

how ever pollution , deforestation etc are the dangers for them


The climate of north of pakistan is cold through out the year . its snowy all winters and cold whole other season but on high altitudes its snows the whole year

the globle warming is a big danger for the climate of the north not only for the north but of the while world but how everuit could be controled

but unfirtunately the climate will be going to wards hot temprature in the future . but still anything could happen to make it stay the same as before


the north of Pakistan is one of the best way of increasing the economy of Pakistan

according to wikipedia:-

According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, the direct contribution of travel and tourism to Pakistan’s GDP in 2016 was US$7.6 billion (PKR 793.0 billion), constituting 2.7% of the total GDP.[7] By 2025, the government predicts tourism will contribute ₨1 trillion (US$9.5 billion) to the Pakistani economy.

according to this , its very clear that the future of the economy of pakistan is very bright

the things that increases the economy are tourism but the the other small reasons are handicrafts , fooder , and export of gems

talking about the gems the feild of mining has a very great scope due to the north of pakistan as it has many precieous stones and minirals stored in it so we can see this feild getting success in the future . and if we talk anout the export of all the stuff of mining then it can definately give rose to the economy of the country


PAKISTAN is a home to worlds most highest mountians .each year thounsands of people come to climb them but other then the sport of climbing other sports like mountaineering , skking , biking ,cycling etc also take place

the future of the mountain sports will be going towards increment


The future of the north is sucure to an extant although there are many proplems that are taking place but if the government takes an action on those problems then all of the things that are going on a wrong side could be control


First of all ; all credits for what i am goes to Allah almighty, my creator; the one who create the all universe the one who gave me the opportunity to be on this planet and the one who blessed me with such a beautiful country and the one who gave my this ability to write all these blogs e I can never  thank him enough

And of course my parents my O3 ♥ who introduced these mountains to me and-made me in love with them 

Bisma gulzar appi who told me about wordpress and the one who always appreciates me ♥️

special thanks to ALL the people who support me ❤

Thanks to my great friend to my nana abu who supports me so much

Thanks to family ♥️

thank you for reading it




Amina Ahsan Butt



20 thoughts on “[blog:- 9] Future of The North of Pakistan

  1. That is the best blog ever. Great job! I like the way you have used many pictures so the reader can stay focused.


  2. Shabaash… this is an excellent piece of work…I cannot put any comment on pictures…animals main Ibex aur Markhor ka zikar bhi ker dena tha.. weldone


  3. Such an excellent piece of writing. There r two key threats to the tourism. Terrorism & Pollution. Terrorism has been combated well by our forces. Now the menace of Pollution is very serious. Pollution may cause a great effect in future.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Just got back from Suvat (swat) with a high BP. . . .many domestic travelers do not bother to carry back with them cans, bottes, biscuits, chips wrappers and throw all along the trails, lakes, rivers . . .everywhere. There are khokhas at the very brink of the scenic spots . . .the lakes are shrinking, too many hap hazard construction seen along the river banks. it is now too late to restore the natural beauty that I had enjoyed 20 years ago when there was little domestic tourism. What a shame!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Yeah ! Its true . Unfortunately people have destroyed every beautiful place of nature around us . And I believe its mostly those people who dont know the true meaning of being a traveler . I wish people were more close to nature rather then traveling just for posting photos around . This whole perspective of not knowing the basic manners of traveling has destroyed everything
    I think government should take strict actions for it by installing a monitoring department where fines should be taken for littering
    But its still a thing that every citizen should also have some sense about it as well ..
    Talking about sawat my amma and abba went there in 90’s and when they took us after many years they were also very shocked to see what we people have done to our heaven 💔

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Yes – its an irony. Even the environmental protection companies, media, documentary makers do not seem to express and expose this tale of tragic, a continuous trail of garbage along the serene domain of nature. There is no concept of maintaining our natural and national treasures. The rise in domestic tourism will bring an irreparable damage to all our tourism treasures. I have ideas and have given practical solutions to control degradation of scenic places but no one listens.


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