[ Blog:8 ] Rakaposhi ( Snow Covered) ,Shining Wall , Dumani ( Mother of Mist )

Asalam-o-alikum everyone its me Amina Ahsan Butt your.  Pakistani blog writer 💕. So i am back with another blog on my 4th favourite mountain 😍 . So lets know about it

This image above is of the mighty Rakaposhi and this beautiful picture is clicked by Sir Naveed Khan . The link of his Instagram is given below where you can see many of the beautiful pictures of many other mountains 😍


And the website is :-



Rakaposhi is a mountain that is situated in three different valley ( Nagar valley , Danyore Valley and Bagrote ) which are situated in the Karakoram Mountain-range which is in Gilgit Baltistan , Pakistan . It got a isolation of 41 Km .It has a altitude of 7,788m / 25551ft and It comes under the Parenting of Rakaposhi-Haramosh mountains ( A subrange of Karakoram range ) . Because to the hight of Rakaposhi it is known as the 27th highest mountain in the world and the 12th highest mountain of pakistan .


The very famous name of this peak is Rakaposhi which means Snow covered and Shining Wall according to local languages , Wow i gotta say the name is perfectly given , just look at Rakaposhi its covered with snow throughout the whole year and it look just so perfect that its hard to move on after seeing it and its structure and the light of moon or sun on it really makes it glow up so yeah , it really is a Shinning Wall or Snow Covered or in short Rakaposhi 😉 , BTW the word Rakaposhi is so yummy to speak 😂 LoL what am I speaking 😂 , Just try to speak it for once you will understand my feelings 😂

The other name of this mountain is Dumani which means mother of clouds ; Wow !! Both of the names are so perfectly chosen Dumani! Its an other yummy word tho 😂 .And yeah it suits so much because if you ever got a chance to see Dumani / Rakaposhi you will always find some baby clouds by its side and which looks exactly charming with this mountain 😍

Just because i and this mountain have some story of our own so i call it by a name Píldora feliz, which means Happy Pill in Spanish language . I call it by this name because this mountain really means alot to me as it is one of the reasons that keeps me happy on planet earth 🙃

This picture is clicked by Ammara Fayyaz a insta-friend of mine , Thank you so much cutie 💕


So there are 7 ridges of Rakaposhi

1) South West Ridge

2) North West Ridge

3) Japanese or Cassin Ridge

4) East Ridge

5) North west Ridge ( better known as a spur more then a ridge but can be included in ridge )

6) West Ridge

7) South Ridge


The very first attempt was made in late 1930’s almost in 1937 by Vyvyan ( late ) and Campbella (late) , but the expedition was failed . But before then this Sir Martin Conway ( late) explored the south side of Rakaposhi but he didn’t aimed for summiting


The very first successful attempt was made in 1958 by

Mike Banks (late )

And Tom Patey ( late )


later on the group of some Pakistani , Polish , Bengali , Canadian , Dutch , Iranian made successful attempts in many different years

This picture is clicked by one of my biggest support who says me no matter what just go for your dreams, no one other then Aubaidullah Muzamil ( my mamu gee )


Ahhhh i cant stop my hand on this part

The very first suggestion I would love to give everyone is Sir Mustansar Hussain Tarar (my all time favourite ‘s ) book Rakaposhi-Nagar ❤️, this book is actually a Travelogue it was released in 2015 . This book includes his thoughts and traveling experience of sir . So go out and grab one

My second suggestion would be One Man’s mountain by Tom Patey this book is base on the mountainous life of Tom patey its actually a book which consists of essays and verses and it includes alot of things about Rakaposhi as tom Patey and his parter were the first one to summit it

WANT TO GO FOR A Expedition ? :-

If you are a climber and are aiming for summitting Rakaposhi then you should contact the given expedition companies 😉





You know lately people around me have started calling me mountain because they know my love for mountains

And now in here there is the same case i love Rakaposhi so much its not only about it’s fully covered with now or its on a perfect location but it’s about the beauty it got and the structure (SubhanAllah ) ❤️

This is one of the mountain that i did stared for 4 hours continuous . Now you know how mad I am . It just a source that takes me deep into nature and then into the creation of nature and then direct to my Almighty who created this and than in the thoughts of mystery that how was it created and then the spark of reaching the top to find out whats up there also gets lit in me and then it keeps on making into mountain

Inshallah after summit Ladyfinger peak , Trango Towers , Malika parbat i will go for Rakaposhi ❤️

42806471_149624905983896_6615986473369862144_n This picture is clicked by sir Abdus Samad who is indeed a great photograph 😇




Amina Ahsan Butt

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14 thoughts on “[ Blog:8 ] Rakaposhi ( Snow Covered) ,Shining Wall , Dumani ( Mother of Mist )

  1. Bohat ala. Honoured to have my click and mention in the blog. Keep rocking ✌️


  2. Nice writeup and good information
    it ‘ll more effective if you mention Pakistani climbers who summited this peak .
    col share Khan he summit rakaposhi mid 1970 I think .Date not sure


  3. Quite amazing to read such a wonderful & informative write up of talented & Young nature lover. Keep it up, u have a spark to do some unique.

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  4. Mashallah! You have such a mastery of language as well as your subject.
    *MY THOUGHTS* has always been my favourite part of your blogs and they definitely pierce my heart. Thank you❤


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