[BLOG :7] SELENA KHAWAJA (The Mountain Princess)


Assalam-o-aalikum everyone its me Amina Ahsan Butt . I am back with another blog ❤ .I got to say this is my all time favorite blog because this is the first time I am writing on a person who is someone so unbelievable *_* . so lets  know about this legend ❤


Selena Khawaja was born on 9th October ,2008. Is the youngest mountaineer of Pakistan Who scaled a 6,050 metres Mingling Sar and 5,765m  (Quz Sar Peak )at the young age of 9 years only . she is a resident of the mountain city of Abbottabad. And while living with in the area of mountains she aimed that she can conquer the highest mountains of the world . And because of her love for mountains and courage and hard work she becamethe youngest mountaineer of Pakistan and also did got the title of THE MOUNTAIN PRINCESS 37087312_652745345090967_3347796440226201600_n


So it all started with the day when Selena’s father Mr. Yousaf Khawaja took her to Miranjani . On their way to the top selena’s father discovered that selena did got that speciality that a real mountaineer did got it itself . Mr . Yousaf discovered it when he saw that selena was continuously hiking while other people who were going for the top too , got tired .



  •  daily routine  :-

So it all starts with waking up , so the little queen wakes up between 8:00 am -10:00 am  and go straight up brushing 😛 ( I am describing this whole thing and ik its a bit weird 😛 ) . and then comes breakfast ,( she don’t really got some diet plan of eating boiled things or something  )  in breakfast she goes for less oily things and then she goes for mountaineering workout and lunch and dinner comes in between . for some fun break she does watch videos on you-tube and sometimes she do feel like making videos for you-tube too and she goes for sleep from between 9:00 pm to 12:00 pm .

  • favorite mountaineer :- 

Her favorite mountaineer is Colonel (retd) Bhatti ( a Everest summiter )

  •   mountainous practice :-

the little one not only do the regular work out but also do goes for treks and climbs of mountains for the practice of scaling high altitude mountains

  •  achievements :- 

the list of her achievements is given below :-

  • she became the youngest person to summit 6,050 metres Mingling Sar
  • summited Spantik peak (7027 m )
  • She has became the youngest person to scale Quz Sar Peak  ( 5765m )
  • She did Miranjani top ( 2,992 m ) for 45+ times
  • she did Makra peak ( 3800 m ) for more 3 times
  • she did mushkpuri top( 2800 m ) for 4 times
  • and she walked on foot  from her place to all the way to the top of thandayani (2,750 m ) in just 9 hours +__+ and its a total of 40 km
  • feeling while climbing \ trekking :-

During her climbs that everything seems so nice and the views are great from the top and when ever she reaches the top she feels even more powerful and feels a lot more happy. Although sometimes she feels sick because of high altitude but her aim for reaching the top never gets left out ❤

  •  future goals :-

the little one  aims to ascend Broad Peak, which is the 12 highest mountains in the world. and the highest mountain of the world   too . YES THE MIGHTY EVEREST TOO *_*.


So this 9 years old is a student of 5th grade but has quitted the school for some while for mountaineering training .  So Mis Selena Khwarjha loves animals a lot and she did got many pets with her . Her favorite color is PINK ( yes this is why I am using shades of pink in headings )  . She is also a huge fan of horror movies and her favorite movie is ” IT”   . And in the world of songs her favorite singers are Camila Cabello and Taylor Swift and favorite song is havana for now <3. Her favorite food is Bariyani ( yummmzzzz ) and in drinks her favorite drink is freshly home made orange juice ( o la la ) and her bestfriends name is Fatima and mis Selena loves spending her free time with her .


So her message  to the people all around is aim high, work hard and achieve your goals . ❤


Mr Yousaf is not only father to the mountain princess but is also his guide and climbing partener. He is such a supportive father that I am really proud to see that there are some people like him who believes that women can also do amazing things if the are given the chance

he said that through selena he wants to spread the love for Pakistan all around the world and he wants the world to see the real side of Pakistan . he really wants the kids of todays generation to get involve in positive activities and also want the women  to get involve in the field of mountaineering .



For writing this blog I talked for about 1 hour with is little amazing human and trust me I seriously felt I was talking to some one of my age 😛 . I know about mountains and climbers of Pakistan from many time but I never ever say someone so energetic and amazing like her ( may god save her from evil eyes ) . She really is made for all of these mountains , like I mean climbing mountains of +6000m isn’t easy for a 9 years old but she did it and proved that she can do it

I really do have higher expectations from her in the future and I am really proud of her



I would love to thank the one who created me Allah ALMIGHTY my bestie for life ❤ because without his blessings I am nothing and I cant tank him enough ❤

secondly my parents who made me fell in love with mountains ( thank you amma ans abba hazoor 😛 ❤ )

Bisma gulzar appi for supporting me and for giving me the idea about wordpress

my nana abu and my friends

please do share this blog with everyone


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