[blog:6] shimshal (the wonderland of hospitable and hardworking people )


asalam-o-alikum its me Amina Ahsan back with another blog ; so this blog is kinda special to me because its on my favorite village of all time ; I visited shimshal 1 week ago and now I cant control myself from writing on it .

so this blog is a bit difficult for me because I  mostly write on mountains but I will  try my best to describe shimshal as good as it really in my blog 🙂

and the photo credit goes to ME MYSELF AND I 😀 , yes I clicked it


Shimshal is a village located in the north of Pakistan in Gojal, Hunza district , Gligit-Baltistan . The population of Shimshal is around 2000 and there are almost 300 householders . It got an altitude of 3,124.5 m .and it is know to be the highest settlement of hunza valley and the largest too.and its on the border of Pakistan and China the total area of shimshal is approximately of 3,821 km2 . and shimshal settlement  is divided into four major hamlets Farmanabad( its a new settlement), Aminabad, center Shimshal and Khizarabad . The language of this area is Wakhi . and their culture is also Wakhi and their religion is Islam (Ismaili Shia), {Ethnic religion.}


In local language it is Shingshal , It was given byMamu Shing, the grandfather of shimshali people  , (because he is  the first person who discovered this area) then the name later changed to Shimshal.


According to my research the given below is the beginning of  the history of shimshal

The village of Shimshal was founded almostly 450 ago by Mamu Shing , he was a person from hunza and a member of the Wazir’s family, means he belonged to the prime-minister’s family  He was sent to Sarikol with his wife Khodija who was also a wakhi person .He was sent there  as an ambassador ,but because of some worst situations between Sarikol and hunza  he ran away from Sarikol with his wife . They were chased till the upper hunza ; they made their home for several years before migrating into  the Shimshal Valley . When they reached to shimshal  it was such a remote place that his wife got angry but later on they starting developing that area

There Mamu Singh built up his flocks of sheep and goats, and explored up the Shimshal Valley, he  discovered  a hole in the ground, whose mouth was covered with a great piece of slate. When he succeeded in removing the stone, water came out  from the hole and flowed along the remains of a channel that had been built by earlier travelers who had pass. He made a channel from which he could made a village .

Sooner , Khodija gave birth to a son and they named him Sher , and then they started teaching him important things  ; specially hunting

When he grew up he did go for hunting and one day while his way for a hunt he met some strangers in the Pamir . strangers and Sher both said that the Pamir is theirs’ .So they ended up saying that the winner of the polo match that they will be playing will have  the Pamir .The bet was if Sher drove the ball over Shimshal Pass toward Shuwert, he would win all territories  from Shimshal to Raskam. after winning the area Sher started to explore it and on the other hand his family thought that he was lost somewhere in Pamir forever .


After year he returned to shimshal and he found out that his parents were dead . After a while he founded a Wakhi women and married her and she gave some sons too him and then the generations goes on and the three main lineage groupings of Shimshal: Gazikator, Bakhtikator and Baqikator were there .

Then after some time they started ruling with the hunza rulers and Mirs then countries  got independences , it is to be said that shimshal was the part of china before but Pakistani government made some deals with china and gave kashgir part of Pakistan to china and took shimshal and some territory in Pakistan and draw a boader line at shimshal pass .

But it was till under Mir and hunza kingdom until in 1974 when Zulfiqar Bhutto abolished Pakistan’s last remaining princely kingdoms




the road of shimshal was inaccessible by vehicles until October 2003 , when KKH at passu was constructed then jeepable road was constructed in 1985 and then it was completed in 2003 after 18 years of hardwork of the shimshali people and it connected shimshal to the rest of the world . now it only takes 3 hours to reach shimshal through this road otherwise for it tooked 4-5 days to reach shimshal before the road was constructed . and this road is known to be the major development in shimshal

( settlement ) :-

before you enter the settlement of shimshal you see a hydroelectricity station from the water of Odver stream . it  is made by the people of shimshal that produces electricity for them and there is another hydroelectricity power station that is constructed in 2017. When you enter the settlement area the first thing you see are the glimps of Odver Sar (6300.m)  Shimshal’s settlement  is divided into four major hamlets Farmanabad( its a new settlement), Aminabad, center Shimshal and Khizarabad .When you reach the shimshal village the first hamlet  you see is Farmanabad. its a very pretty area with less houses in there and a jammat khana (prayer place). Then aminaabad comes it consist most of field area and some stone houses . then central Shimshal comes which Is a beautiful place with fields and houses and shops and school , its something like the capital of shimshal and at the last Khizarabd comes which is a peaceful area with houses and fields .


the people of shimshal work hard all the year and made food for them self .They grow different crops in the field and they also take care of the eatable (halal) animals .

(pass) :-

shimshal pass is at 4,735m . The Shimshal Pass is on the central Asian watershed .and leads to the valley of the Shimshal Braldu River,  on the border with China. this pass comes under the Shimshal Nature Trust organization (  It is a community based organization and is registered with the Government of Pakistan.) and every year some festivals are held in here .


so the river of shimshal if formed by 3 sources Khurdopin glacier shimshal pass and zardgorban and while flowing it also got some other water sources get add up in it and it gets add up in khunjrab river- passu river and ends up in Attabad lake .

(language ):-

language spoke in here is Wakhi .Wakhi is one of several languages that belong to the areal Pamir language group.and it has been in the world for more like four thousand years. Traditionally Wakhi was not a written language. Writing systems have been developed for the language using Arabic, Cyrillic and Latin scripts.

(culture ):-

the culture of shimshali people is based on the Wakhi culture and all of their traditions and ethics

(religion ) :-

The religion of shimshali people is Islam and further they mostly belong the Ismaili (sect of Shia)

(trust) :-

Shimshal Nature Trust is a community-based development organization. they workday and night or the welfare of shimshal and are their best to develop more of shimshal if you want to make some donations for the people of shimshal then please contact at Toll free: 255-555-55858 , or info@snt.org.pk (these contacts are of the Shimshal Nature Trust )


there Are 3   schools  in shimshal. First one is   Naubahar .It got  18 classrooms and 1 lab . One is a mountaineering school and the other one is a government school


Because of the people who live in shimshal , Shimshal is also known as the land of friendly people and The valley if Mountaineers (you wont believe me but every person who lives in shimshal knows the basic mountaineering skills and shimshal also do got many well know mountaineers too)

when you visit shimshal first thing you see are  the happy faces of everyone who will warmly welcome you and will surely make you feel like home . I don’t know what magic these people use but they can make you get so into shimshal that you cant even forget about this place forever ….

The people inhere are the only reason for all the developments happen in here till yet . And they do everything by their own for their welfare , the Government of Pakistan never did something in here ( sadly )

The people of shimshal are highly educated as they really do believe that education is the most powerful weapon.



Shimshal consist of a very large adventure area . Every year many tourist come in here for going for well know mountains , glaciers and passes of shimshal

famous mountains of shimshal are Distaghil sar , shimshal white horn , Maglik sar , Lupghar sar , Yazgail sar , kunjut sar .

famous glaciers are Malangudhi, Yazghail, Khurdopin, Braldu, Odver, Ver Zharav, Virjab , Yukshin

famous passes are shimshal pass, Chafchingoal pass , Khurdopin pass , Mai Dur pass , Braldu pass , Boi Sam pass

famous lakes are Shimshalpamir lake , khurdopin lake


Lately love for football has been develop in this area and a short time a football club has been made in shimshal by a 19 years old girl from shimshal named Karishma Inayat . The name of the club is Al-Shams Women Football Club. The club has made some tournaments in the past year and they are have a league in 2k18 too . Can you imagine such sort of activity in such a remote area ? No but the hard working and unbelievable people of shimshal made it possible . I told yaa people of shimshal got magic ❤

for more updates like them on facebook :- https://www.facebook.com/AlShamsWomensFC/



Shimshal is land of unparalleled beauty , the beauty you can never find anywhere else .Its not only a beautiful land of Pakistan but also a blessing for Pakistan , its a blessing because it blessed Pakistan with   incredible , intelligent and super hard working people who are working day and night to make Pakistan proud and as been a Pakistani I really am proud of this Village up in the north . May Allah Almighty give more power to you people ❤


Shimshal the land of wonder landscapes & the final creation, with the peoples of open heart & broad mind ( Naveed Ullah Spicher )

Shimshal is the village with beautifull nature landscape and impressive culture with respectfull and warm heart people.whats good for the heart is good for the soul its SHIMSHAL.My dream my wish one day ( Maidie Pietersen)


So firstly I would love to thank Allah Almighty ho created everything , I can never thank him enough

secondly I would love to thank sir Innayat Ullah Shimshali , sir Arshad Jon , sir Shah D Shimshalee , sir Tenveer Joshi Shimshalee who helped me in writing this blog and all of the people of shimshal ho really made me  soo into this place

and kips for giving me a one day holiday 😛

stay blessed and happy everyone ❤ xx



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  1. Very beautiful write-up! You can even improve it by gathering more information. This can turn into a an encyclopaedia of Shimshal. Some text neex information need review, for example name of Shimshal is not linked with Mamusing(the grandfathe) it is drived from pir Shams _ it is originally Shamshal( Sham is derived from Shams ans Shal means village) means ” village of Shams”.
    Overall it is an impressive research👍

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  2. Impressive and informative blog. keep it up. Also pay attention to grammatical formation of phrases. I feel pleasure to read it.

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  3. Mashallah!Great job Miss Amina you are one of the shining star of PAKISTAN.I have never seen such a blogger who can write alot alot of information in a single blog.Thank u so much.May you live long!


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