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Asalamoalikum everyone its me Amina Ahsan Butt back with another blog so finally kips decided to give me a little break and I am back at blogging

First of all its going to be eid in few days so  EID MUBARAK everyone in advance  ❤ do enjoy this beautiful day with fun and love and keep thanking almighty for everything he has blessed you with ❤

Just because I am not a good photographer so I took this picture from http://www.caingram.info/Pakistan/htm/Spantik.htm

got to say they got so amazing pictures ! I’M LOVING IT ❤


Golden Peak is a mountain in Spantik-Sosbun Mountains subrange (a subrange of the Karakoram range in Nagar Valley, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan). It is located in the Rakaposhi and Haramosh massif near Barpu and Garumbar glaciers Spantik lies in between Nagar Valley, near Hunza and Arandu Valley in Baltistan. It has an altitude of 7,027m \ 23,050m . It ranked  as 246th highest mountain in the world (not properly conformed but is in the 200 list ).It is considered as one of the difficult type mountains and it requires alpine /big expedition experiences  .It got the fratanity of 8% but relatively its easy out of all the expeditions to Spantik so far, 80 percent have summited it with success. but still the success depends on fitness , weather , acclimatization and the most important your climbing and trekking skills


So the name Spantik (Sapang-Tik ) , meaning the little garden ( awww ) I know ,its so cute right ❤ , actually this peak is so beautiful that’s why people give it so many beautiful names

so the second name of this mountain is golden peak , so if you ever visit hunzo / nagar side please I repeat please do see this peak at the time of sunset , it will just look like a mountain made of gold , and I am sure this scene will become your perfect memory ( just like I got one of it ❤ )

its also called Ghenish Chhish in Brushaski (local language) which means Golden Mountain , but the word Ghenish also means Queen so it also means that that local people call it ” the Queen Mountain” just because of meaning and spelling and pronouncement problem these beautiful names have been left behind 😦

another name is golden parri  given by some unknowns which means golden fairy (awwww!!! another cute name ) but sadly it is not used commonly

its also called Pyramid Mountain just because it’s structure looks like The Great Pyramid

just because I am loving this mountain so much at this moment I want to give it a name AMINA’s CRUSH MOUNTAIN (lol) its lame I know but I seriously am loving this mountain


There are two prominent ridges of the golden peak

the first one is South East ridge . its a very long and snowy ridge . it got less technical difficulties but on the other hand  it got objective danger too

the second one is The North West Ridge  (Golden Pillar) .Its a combination of rock and ice but is a easy route to climb


This might be a very new information for everyone but he very first attempt to spantik was made in 1903 from the southeast side  by Dr. and Mrs. Workman but they only go till 350m of spantik


so it was very firstly summited by German climbers who were  headed by Kramer in 1955 then after it was summited  by  . British climbers Mick Fowler and Victor Saundersand then   by Japan expedition Hashi to Harashi (Storm & Star) which was led by Nakamura and. many many others


okay so here we go you wont believe but it has also been climbed by 100+ Pakistani people (told ya before my country got many talented people ) but many of them have never spread the information about their expeditions how ever some famous summiters

The first Pakistani who reached the summit was Captain (now Brigadier) Muhammad Moiz Uddin Uppal

the China-Pakistan Friendship Expedition scaled Spantik Peak. Expedition leader Lt Col (retired) Dr Abdul Jabbar Bhatti

Uzma Yousaf the first Pakistani lady to spantik ❤ ( I really am a great fan of her ) btw do pray for her success of her broad peak expedition

Selena khawaja the 10 years old mountaineer also summited this mountain

and how can I miss my one of the favorite climber of Pakistan ? OFCORSE I am talking about sir Saad Mohamed (  The Desi Mountaineer)  Sir snowleopard  ( nic-name ) is such a positive and inspiring person tho ; His motivational talks can really change your life ❤ btw do wish his luck for his future .


In recent years Spantik has gained considerable popularity amongst expedition climbers and the year 2018 is going to have a lot of expeditions of spantik , so if you are also interested in climbing ans summiting spantik then there you go

contact to these expedition companies , I swear they are the best companies you can find around



do contact them and they will arrange a perfect expedition for you 🙂


Well I have seen the golden peak about an year ago and trust me iam so into it from that moment

this mountain is so beautiful that it could take your whole life away in only just staring at it

and the relationship of this mountain with sunset is unmatchable

I still got some small pieces of rocks with folks gold in it when I did my hopper galecier trek  (our guide said it came from the golden peak ) and i do stare at them sometimes and think  that some day some how I will be at the top of this beautiful mountain

NOTE :_-

do tell me in the comments below that should I write a blog on my life ( including the mountainous part ) too ?


First of all ; all credits for what i am goes to Allah almighty, my creator; the one who create the all universe the one who gave me the opportunity to be on this planet and the one who blessed me with such a beautiful country and the one who gave my this ability to write all these blogs 🙂 I can never  thank him enough

And of course my parents my O3 ♥ who introduced these mountains to me and-made me in love with them 😍

Bisma gulzar appi who told me about wordpress and the one who always appreciates me ♥️


INSTAGRAM :- @mountainofpakistan




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  1. Very informative blog. Love to read. And yeah Happy Advance Eid mubarak to you too. It’s been long time to not saw your blog. Great to see you back. I am planning to visit Pak for tour may be end of this year. May be in touch with you to get help from you. Thank you so much for everything . It’s very hard job to collect that much info about mountains but you did a fantastic job. Keep it up and khosh raho hamesha 🙂


  2. So you gave it a beautifull name ^Amina’s crush mountain^ ….okay i will remember it with this cute name and thank you so much for such a informative blog💛

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