[ Blog 4] BroadPeak , Falchan Kangri

Aslamoalikum everyone !!

So finally after a very long time I decided to write a blog !!

And this blog is a very special blog and is on one of my new favourite mountain πŸ”β›°

and special shoutout to the photographer of the pictures above And I hope that everyone is going to love it ..

πŸŒ‘ Introduction :-

So the bonita broadpeak is on the altitude of 8,051 m which is equal to 26,414 ft from the sea level . Broadpeak is the part of Gasherburm massif and it’s parenting range is the mighty Karakoram . It is located around the border of Pakistan and China and is located in Gilgit Baltistan. And Xinjiang China . It is ranked 12 highest mountain in the world. And has an isolation of 9.13km and fratanity of 5% and this mountain got several summits too . It is a snow/ ice sort of climb mountain . It is located between K2 and Gasherbrum 4 and with Baltoro glacier on its side ( this sounds near to heaven ) β™₯️

πŸŒ‘ Name story :-

How does it get its names ?

So in late 1800’s around in 1856 or 1855 lieutenant T.G Montgomerie visited the northern side during his visit he temporary named the mountains . for example K1. K2, K3 etc ( K stand for Karakoram)

So when sir reached broadpeak , after seeing the structure and everything the word broad came in his mind and it was a mountain so he named it broadpeak and this name is still being used

The other name ( Falchan kangri ) it was a local name given by balti people but because if some pronouncement problem and spelling problem this name was left behind, only rare people know it

πŸŒ‘ Mountains within Broadpeak:-

So many people think there are two main summits of broad peak but many people don’t agree with this fact because of the global warming and it has been changing the summit facing etc

So there are 5 summits with in broadpeak

β€’ broadpeak (8051m)

β€’ rocky summit (8028m)

β€’ Broadpeak central (8015m), [people don’t believe its a separate summit]

β€’ broadpeak north (7550m)

β€’ kharut kangri (6942m)


There are many people who have summited broadpeak many of them died on their way back but their heroic work has always been appreciated

The summiters are

Marek kesicki , bohdan nowaczyk , kazimierz Galzek , janusz , Andrzej sikorski , they summited it on 28th july 1975

And the Italian expedition by renato casarotta

Members of koroska8000

Maciej berbeka , adam bielecki , tomasz kowalski , aruthur malek,

The iranian climbers , aidin Bozorgi , pouya keivan , mojtaba jarahi

πŸŒ‘Pakistani who did broadpeak:-

So pakistan is a place where you can find huge amount of talent and you wont believe more than 100 pakistani people have summited broadpeak

The list is so long that if I started naming everyone it would take me a long time ; its just like counting stars

But all i want to say is that everyone is proud of your heroic work

And pakistan is really proud to have people like you

πŸŒ‘Want to go for broadpeak?

So if there is someone who is interested in going for broadpeak then do remember it will take you 50- 60 days for this summit ( its not a cup of tea thing tho )

Day 1:- lahore to sakardu ( from airplane )

Day2:- sakardu to askole

Day3:- askole to jhula

Day4:- jhula to paiju

Day5:- paiju to urdukas

Day6:- urdukas to Concordia

Day7-10:- to Ali camp

Rest are the days for climb and way back

πŸŒ‘ tour companies:-

These are three best tour companies who will make your expedition way more easy and trust me their facilities are the best of them all




πŸŒ‘ my thoughts on broadpeak

As everyone human is different from an other same as mountains are different from one another

As every mountains is beautiful in its own way same as broadpeak some madness in it

The ending points of broadpeak are so enchanting that it will make you deeply in love with it

It sure do will give you strange sort of goosebumps and will make you afraid of it’s beauty 😍

πŸŒ‘ thanking note :-

First of all ; all credits for what i am goes to Allah almighty, my creator; the one who create the all universe the one who gave me the opportunity to be on this planet and the one who blessed me with such a beautiful country

I can never thank him enough β™₯️

And of course my parents my O3 β™₯️ who introduced these mountains to me and-made me in love with them 😍

Bisma gulzar appi who told me about wordpress and the one who always appreciates me β™₯️

πŸŒ‘ Contacts :-

Email:- buttahsan007@out.com




22 thoughts on “[ Blog 4] BroadPeak , Falchan Kangri

  1. Beautifully written πŸ‘πŸ»
    I admire your passion for exploration and adventuring mountainsπŸ”
    You are someone who see life differently and this world needs people like you.
    keep on dreaming,living and inspiring and one day you’re going to make it.


  2. Aaminah great work πŸ‘. Indeed it is a knowledge base for those who have interest in exploring areas of Pakistan. Keep it up ✨✨


  3. I think that this blog is indeed a great leap for a young 14 year old, but on average, it fails to meet grammatical and linguistic standards. It seems like a genuine attempt; however, the errors and the huge piles of information make it a somewhat unappealing read. You can contact me at0322Β 2000894 or follow me on fan fiction.net (Rawhawn Ali) if you need any help.


  4. I sure do will contact you sir and i am really honoured you took time out of your life and read the who blog
    Yeah i am only 14 and and i am still learning the English language
    But i will try my best to improve my blogs from now own !!
    Once again thank you


  5. Thats so cutee😍 you got these writings i guess by instinct which makes you to write like a professional writer i really am very inspired of your blogs and most of all that precious information about my homeland i was literally unaware of it……..btw i love your knack for mountains thank u so much


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