[Blog:3] ladyfinger peak , bublimotin , Bublimating , nokela pahar

Aslamoalikum everyone its me amina ahsan butt back with another blog

So i first of all want to give shout out to all the photographers who sent these pictures to me it was really hard for me to choose one , thank you so much ( btw please write your name on the picture from next time 🌸)

So this blog is on ladyfinger peak

Ughhhh i am soo into this mountain , when ever i speak the word mountain people around me says ladyfinger peak right 😂


It is situated in the Batura Muztagh ( the sub range of Karakoram Range { western}] in Gilgit Baltistan , Pakistan . It has an altitude of 6000m \ 20,000m ft . It is a very well known mountain of pakistan . It structure is so noticeable, it’s a sharpe rock spire with less snow and this view of the mountain stole the hearts of many people ( including me ) . At the right side of ladyfinger peak lies another beautiful massif peak known as Ultar Sar . According to someone ( like me ) it is also called the heart stealer mountain 😂

🐼 why was it named ladyfinger peak ?

So I didn’t get the exact reason why was it name ladyfinger peak

But i am damn sure its just because of the shape of this mount , like look at it and look at a ladyfinger both looks same tho else then their properties , structure, composition and reacting ( lolz chemistry wala joke 😂)

🦄The story of other name :-

(So this is my second favourite part about this mountain after it’s looks )

So according to a myth

A magical prince from Baltistan visited honzo/ hunza , in this visit he married a princes known as Bubli . When he got the news his first wife ( Langabrumo) has been kidnaped , he took Bubli up to ladyfinger peak and gave her a chick and a sack full of grain and told her i am going to rescue Langabrumo , so Bubli asked when will you come back

He replied her ” every year give this chicken a single grain to eat . When this sack will be empty, i will return , Until then stay here ” . Soon he left and according to the myth Bubli is waiting there

🐼 my thoughts on this myth :-

you people might got Romeo and Juliet , Jack and rose , Heer and Ranjha , but we mountainous people got magical prince and Bubli to get inspired from who First of all how did they climbed this mountain? Like howwwww…. , okay he was magical then why didn’t he found his first wife with magic and if he was magical why didn’t he used some magic to make Bubli invisible if he really wants to hide her ? 😒Come one is this even a story to believe on Btw no hates on my thoughts okay ?

🦄Want to go for it ?

So i really love planing tours its just so amazing thing to do right?Day 1: from lahore to naran (625km) 14 hours Day2 : from naran drive till hunza ( 319km ) 7 hours Day3: rest in hunza Day 4: trek till ultar glacier (time depends in sort of person but not nore then 10 h) Day5: trek to ladyfinger’s base camp ( time depends on sort of person but not more then 10 hours) Day 6-20 : climbing ( can add more days if you want ) Day 20 back to base camp Day 21 on glacier Day 22: back to hunza Day 23-25 : rest or explore hunza Day 25: leave hunza and naranDay 26 : naran to Islamabad Day 27: back in lahore More over you can contact the tour company:-http://www.rockvalleytour.com/For doing this peak you need alot of practice and good equipment too , this is not a cup of tea stuff 🌿

🐼my thoughts on ladyfinger peak :-

So i am all taken my this beautiful mountain like just look at it for a while , the structure got some real goals So I visited eagle nest last year and saw this mountain through my own eyes and just fell in love with it , i dont know why but it go some madness in it ♥️

🦄 my thanking note :

First of all I would like to thank no one else but Allah Almighty who gave me this much knowledge the one who gave me everything that i cant thank him enough Now I would like like to thank my parents who introduced me without the mountains and made me fell in love with it I would like to thank bisma gulzar appi for supporting me everytime ♥️

Contacts :-

Instagram:- @mountainofpakistan

12 thoughts on “[Blog:3] ladyfinger peak , bublimotin , Bublimating , nokela pahar

  1. I read it all…and found very interesting particularly, the inside story about this peak….good write up……
    Kamal Haider
    Kamal Ka Pakistan (Page)


  2. I read it all…and found very interesting particularly, the inside story about this peak….good write up……while an early age..it shows your passion in a real sense of understanding…. keep it up..Shabash
    Kamal Haider
    Kamal Ka Pakistan (Page)


  3. Now the quest to get there has increased 😍
    You did well always, very informative, you’re the inspiration for many 👌


  4. I would follow you little blogger if if i were a blogger.I am really very very inspired by your writings and your jokes like *dont hate my thoughts*😂😂……I have never found a blogger with such mastery of language. keep it up …..May you have tremendous of knwledge and thank you ssooo much for this precious information

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