[blog :2] The Trango Towers


  • So today’s blog is on Trango towers, the people who know me knows how obsessed i am with these mount famjam 😍 so lets know about it 💖.
  • 🐼Introduction:

Trango Towers are situated in the north of pakistan in Gligit Baltistan . Trango towers are the combination of rocks snow gullies and vertical limits. This mountain got some impressive and extremely difficult rocky towers on the planet Earth .They are considered as the worlds most hard to climb mountains. They are the part of Baltoro Muztagh , it is sub range of Karakoram range . It has altitude of 6286 m /20,623 ft . It is considered in a Type of Alpine Big Wall . Trango towers have Trango Glaciers on its west and the Dunge Glacier east . Trango towers have some of the largest cliffs all around .

It is on 35.76660•N / 76.18330•E

🐰 Family members of Trango towers :-

• Kruksum(s) 6650m

• Kruksum(n) 6600m

• Trango (II) 6510m

• trango (I) 6450m

• Kruksum (e)6300m


•trango (III) 6300m

• Great trango (I) 6286m

• Nameless 6239m

• Great trango (II) 6237m

• Great trango (III) 6230m

• Monk 6150m

• Pulpit 6050m

• Castle 5750m

🐼The base jump story :-

On August 1992 two Australians

Nic Feteris and Glen Singleman climbed Great trango and then BASE jumped from 5955 m and landed on Dunge glacier at 4200m. This was the highest BASE jump record but later on this record was broken by Singlemen himself.

🐰Climbs done till yet :-

1976 Anthoine , boysen , Howells and Brown

1977 hennek , rowell , roskelley , schmitz , morrissey

1984 deseth and daehil

1985 Selters and woolums

1987 Yugoslav Cankar , Knez and srot, Swiss , Delate , Schaffers and Fouquet

1988 swiss , kurtyka , loretan, German Gullich , Muchenbach and albert , giordani

1989 Gallego , Clavel , rose , seiguer

1990 lowe , Destivelle , Minamiura ( first solo )

1992 child and wilford and midendorf and bongard

1995 ogden , benegas , starr , brand , Izco , zabalza , aquerreta , skineer , lilygren and bechtel

1997 Rezeczycki , jarrett , hollinger and baker

🐼 Pakistani people who climbed  trango :-

Trango towers has only been climbed by four pakistani till yet , Sir Imran Junaidi[RIP] and Sir Usman Tariq [RIP] ( they both got lost in their sirwali peak trek and were declared dead after the research operation for 3 weeks ) and Sir Sarwar Khan and sir Ali Muhammad Saltoro . No doubt these people are real legends of Pakistan ♥️

🐰books on trango tower :-

1) The nameless Tower by jim curran

2) Beyond the summit by Todd skineer

3) postcard from the ledge by Greg

🐼 Films trango has been in :-

1) The Great Trango Tower

2) Base climb

3) expedition Volume 2

4) Point breaking ( the best 😍)

🐰 quote by people on trango tower:-

“The trango valley must be the most spectacular alpine rock climbing valley in the world “

~ kelly cordes

🐼 Want to go to the trango tower??

Want to climb trango tower?? If yes then you really need to have great skills for climbing because its all vertical limit ,

Trango tower is the Pakistans most expensive expedition ever

So the best time to go for these towers is somewhere between june to September because its the most easiest time to go for summits, it’s allowed to camp anywhere on these towers , poters are available easily and their payment can be till 100$ each , and the most important thing you should have a proper gear and everything related to a climb …. more over you can contact Pakistani tourism companies


🐰My thoughts on trango towers :-

Ughh finally my favourite part 😂

Its stucture is so different from al the other mountains that one can easily fall for it , and so did I . I really want to be the closest i can to the trango tower some day

🐼my thanking note :-

I would like to thank Allah almighty who made me fell in love with mountains and the one who gave me the knowledge about mountain I can never thank him enough

Now I would like to thank my parents who introduced me with mountain and gave me the knowledge about then

And I would like to thanks Bisma Gulzar appi who introduced this app to me and I would like to thank wordpress too for this platform

🐰my contacts:-

Instagram:- @mountainofpakistan



17 thoughts on “[blog :2] The Trango Towers

  1. MashAllah God bless you always my daughter very nice to learn this it’s your great effort !


  2. Dear Amina
    I am one of your father’s old friend you should ask him about me. He oftenly ask me about northern areas of pakistan where he can go. This blog is very beatiful so go on and make us proud.


  3. This is so good
    I really love it
    The way you described it was so good
    Thank you for the information
    Please do keep up dating about your blogs I
    I would love to read more of them


  4. Miss amina I can’t resist myself to leave a comment😅You are also a legend of Pakistan .I like the way you write.You are the best blogger I ever found.May Allah give you alot of knowledge.May you live long to write blogs for us.Thank you very much❤


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