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K2 / Mount Godwin-Austen / Chhogori / dapsang / Qogir Feng mainly known as K2 is the second highest mountain in the world after the mighty Mount Everest .It is at 8,611meters / 28,251ft above the sea level .The total area of K2 is 1316 kilometres . It is in the Karakoram range ( name of a mountain range). K2’s one side is located Gilgit-Baltistan ,Pakistan and its other side is located in Xinjiang , China .

🔻discover of K2 :-

The mountain was discovered in 1856 by sir Thomas Montgomerie, he saw this mountain form mount haramukh , and he then sketched the two most noticeable mountains and name them K1( masherburam) and K2

🔺Geographical information :-

It is at 8,611meters / 28,251ft above the sea level . Isolation of K2 is 1316 kilometres . It is in the Karakoram range ( name of a mountain range). K2’s one side is located Gilgit-Baltistan ,Pakistan and its other side is located in Xinjiang , China . K2 is simply ranked 22nd by topographic prominence . The camp 1 of K2 is at 5900m. The camp 2 is at 6350m . The camp 3 is at 7000m . The camp 4 is at 8000m . Then bottleneck and after it serac and finally K2

🔻How did it get its names?

It’s mostly know as K2 and as i have mentioned before it got its name K2 because of sir Thomas Montgomerie and the second most used name is Mount Godwin-Austen , in the honour of henry Godwin-Austen, but the royal Geographical Society rejected this name

Because it was far form local areas so it didn’t got any local name , unless some local people visited Baltoro Glacier ( we can see K2’s glimpses from there) so the local people named it chagori ( big mountain in Balti language) . And in Urdu language it got a name lamba pahar which means “tall mountain” (in English) . In Chinese the call it Qogir Feng which means chagori peak , and it got another name from local people “Dapsang” but these names are not commonly used.

🔺first attempt:-

In 1892 a British expedition reached Concordia which is on the Baltoro glacier and this team was lead by Martin Conway

So the first real attempt of climbing K2 was done in 1902 by Oscar Eckenstein , Alister Crowley, Jules , Heinrich Pfannl, Victor Wessely, and Guy Knowle

Just because in 1900’s there were no modern transportation so it took 14-15 days to reach near K2 . After 5 attempts and great hard work they only reached 6525m because of less equipment and no waterproof clothes they suffered from sickness . They spend 86-87 days on K2 ( longest time to spend on k2 ever )

🔺people who climbed K2 :-

This mighty mountain has been climber by many legends, some succeeded and some failed but all of them are luck to see this beauty and of course some ultra legend climber climbed it more then one time . And K2 took many of our lovely people away

Godwin-Austen has been climbed by sir Lino Lacedelli, Achille Compagnoni, Ashraf Aman, Czech ( the ultra legend who did it twice) , Pole Wanda Rutkiewicz ( first women to climb K2 ) ,Liliane and Maurice Barrard , Jerzy and Tadeusz Kukuczka , Carlos Soria ( the oldest person to climb K2 at the age of 65 ), Ger McDonnell ( first irish ) , Gerlinde , kazakis , Vassiliy, Dariusz, Pasang lhauma , Maya Sherpa, and many more if I started naming all of them it would take a long time but I got to say i am proud of all of you , everyone of you are my inspiration and legends . K2 is such a difficult mountain to climb and you people did it . I would like to mention my favourite mountaineer Sir mike horn , he try 6 times to climb k2 but failed, I am sure there will be some betterment for you , but i am sure InshaAllah you will climb it the 7th time ( i have my full faith on you , you are so talented)

I would like to mention all the Pakistan legends who climbed K2

nazir sabir , asraf aman , Merahban shah , shaheen beg , Nasir Hussain, Rajab Shah, Mohammad Hussain, Mohammad Akram , Karima, Hassan Sadpara , and I am sure many more of our talented people will add their name in this list too , and I will try my best to add my name too InshaAllah

🔻route of climbing K2:-

There many routes to climb k2 but the major routes are from pakistan because its real hard to climb from China’s side

1)Abruzzi spur : this is the most used route about 75% or above climber uses this route

2) north ridge :- this is route is from china’s side and its rarely used to climb

3) East face :- no one yet has climbed from this side

4) northern ridge :- has been used a couple of times

5) West Ridge:- it starts from negrottos glacier and is quite rocky route

6) magic line / southwest pillar:- it is the second most used route and it is very technical

7) south face / central rib:- its a very dangerous route , its this much dangerous that climbers says its a suicidal route

8) northwest face :-its famous for its chaotic rocks and snow covered path

9) south-southeast spur :-it is somewhere between polish route and Abruzzi route and it ends up joining Abruzzi

10) west face :- it consists of rocks crevasses and snow covered sides

🔻Quotes on the mighty K2:-

1) just the bare bones of a name, all rock and ice and storm and abyss. It makes no attempt to sound human. It is atoms and stars. It has the nakedness of the world before the first man – or of the cindered planet after the last

2) K2 is not some malevolent being, lurking there above the Baltoro, waiting to get us. It’s just there. It’s indifferent. It’s an inanimate mountain made of rock, ice, and snow. The “savageness” is what we project onto it, as if we blame the peak for our own misadventures on it.

🔺Films OnK2 :-

Are you a movie fan ??? And love K2 as well then watch

1) K2

2) vertical limit ( ps i have watched this movie 30 time and am still not over )

3)k2 siren of the Himalayas

4) the summit ( loved ittt )

🔺my thoughts on K2 :-

I have been into mountains from the day of my birth , i can even imagine my life without mountains

Love for mountains for me is like a room without doors and windows from where i can never escape and i never know how I entered

I have been a great fan of k2 from my childhood and of course it was my country’s highest peak so was even more into it i have been on many tracks near K2 but have never seen this beauty in real life ( but one day i will see it InshaAllah) . This mountain is fully covered with snow and the thought i get from it and make me more into it . And yeah special thanks to vertical limits creates who are actually the reason of why i love k2 more , i have always imagined of climbing it and of course have reached the top in my dreams , its an extremely beautiful peak which is surrounded by many beautiful mountains and is cover with clouds , watching this scene is a real bliss for everyone . For people its like climbing mountains is easy because of advanced equipment but i got to say its not a common man stuff , mountain like K2 is real hard , many great climber have died on it and this job is so difficult.

🔺 my thanking note :-

First of all I would like to thank Allah Almighty the one who give me this much strength to write this whole thing and the one who give me the knowledge of mountains and the one who blessed me with life

And my parents Ahsan ullah butt and Afshan Ahsan the one who introduced me with mountain and take me on tour every year if i thank them infinity of time that would still be less but i want to say i love you amma and papa

I would like to thank Bismaa Appi who introduced me with this app

And of course this app wordpress

Thanks to my school library and Wikipedia and other sites from where i learnt all of this

And to myself who kept all of this in my brain and the one keept typing from last three days ( hats off amina )

Lastly to all the people who read this blog

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  1. O my God this girl is very brilliant and very intelligent… May God bless you and help you….


  2. I am a pakistani too but i never knew this much about K2 eles then its worlds 2nd highest mountain and it is situated in pakistan 😂
    Thank you so much amna for this beautiful blog i am looking forward for more of them and you really are making me fall in love with pakistani mountains


  3. I never read anything this long in my life ever but you have persuaded me to read it
    The way you wrote everything its perfect
    I have learned many things about k2
    Thank you so much


  4. I never know much about pakistani mountains
    I am sure i will keep on reading your blogs


  5. Masahallah it is very informative as welI as interesting.Miss Amina i didn’t used to read geography because I thought it is a difficult and confusing subject but from now on it’s looking interesting.May Allah give you more and more knowledge and information.THANK YOU VERY MUCH❤


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